A discussion of pascals ideas on the existence of god

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'Knowledge' of Existence

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Pascal's Wager

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Reason, Experience, and the Existence of God

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God is a precondition of the innate ideas and connection with the surrounding world. There's no doubt in the mind of Descartes that God exist. Hence, he is claiming that faith/religion is. Jul 13,  · Since the argument assumes that the existence of God is philosophically uncertain, in adopting belief one does not act against reason.

Toward the end of that discussion, Pascal. Arguments for the Existence of God: Reason: Section 7. The Pragmatic Argument: Blaise Pascal, -was both a mathematician and a philosopher. He had studied many of the traditional arguments for the existence of God but did not find the arguments persuasive.

If God's existence is ultimately self-evident and known by a simple intuition of the mind, then there are no questions to be begged. Unfortunately, not all of the objections to the ontological argument can be dismissed so handily, for the simple reason that they do not all depend on the assumption that we are dealing with a formal proof.

This discussion is in reaction to Robin Collins' essay "The Fine-Tuning Design Argument: A Scientific Argument for the Existence of God," but I do not think you need to have read it to engage with the ideas (any quotations below come from that essay). I'd like to take issue with the notion.

Ideas that are clear and distinct are reliable, properties of ideas are properties of the things themselves. Properties of God are perfection, etc. One dimension of perfection is existence, and existence in mind and reality is more perfect than just existence in mind.

If perfection is a property of God, then existence is a property of God. God exists.

A discussion of pascals ideas on the existence of god
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