A look at the origin of priestly celibacy

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Clerical celibacy

Priestly Celibacy. By Matt In this paper I will write on the issue of Priestly celibacy. I will take a biblical and historical look at the issue.

Priestly Celibacy, a Tradition of Apostolic Origin

This was written when the clergy abuse story was in the news. -GW The unfolding tragedy of the pedophilia scandal among American Catholic clergy has rekindled the debate over whether priests should be allowed to marry.

To better understand this issue, it helps to look at the history of priestly celibacy. Lastly, one of the more significant works looking at the effects of celibacy on priestly ministry but making critical use of historians’ methods is: Heinz-Jürgen Vogels, Celibacy – Gift or Law?: A Critical Investigation (Tunbridge Wells ) – originally published.

“The early Church was family-based,” says John Schuster, a vice president at Celibacy is the Issue (CITI), an organization of married priests. A cursory look at Church history supports his assertion. The fact is, the history of celibacy in the Christian community does indeed stretch back to Jesus, St Paul, the early monks and many other Christians who forsook marriage in order to be more fully and completely dedicated to the Lord and His Bride, the Church.

— Raisa Bruner, Time, "Imagine Dragons' Dan Reynolds Is On a New Kind of Mission for the Mormon Church," 12 July Capella is a canon lawyer, and is listed online as having written a paper for the Pontifical Lateran University on priestly celibacy and the church's criminal code.

A look at the origin of priestly celibacy
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Unam Sanctam Catholicam: Book Review: "The Apostolic Origins of Priestly Celibacy"