Entering the bob marshall wilderness

Bob Marshall Wilderness

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Bob Marshall Wilderness Foundation

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Bob Marshall (wilderness activist)

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Entering the Bob Marshall Wilderness Area - Picture of Rich's Montana Guest Ranch, Seeley Lake

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They were having a general time, too. The next day we did in earnest. The opportunity for an overnight horseback trip deep in the Bob Marshall Wilderness kept me bidding for a stay at the Rich Guest Ranch in Montana when this was donated to the Vital Ground Foundation’s 25th Anniversary auction last year.

A year-old Missoula man is missing after entering Bob Marshall Wilderness on June Brandon Lamont Brownlee presumably walked along the Jenny Creek Trail.

A year-old Missoula man is missing after entering Bob Marshall Wilderness on June Brandon Lamont Brownlee presumably walked along the Jenny Creek Trail until t. The North Wall Augusta, Montana The North Wall is truly one of the secret treasures of the Bob Marshall Wilderness.

The wall itself runs for ten miles above the western rim of the Sun River Basin and is followed by a good-quality trail along its entire length.

Check out life on the trail with the Bob Marshall Wilderness Foundation “ The trip was an exhilarating experience of renewal. The excellent organization, planning, and preparation made the trip a memorable success.

The Wilderness Act defines wilderness as a place where "man is a visitor who does not remain." In some popular areas, managers may limit the number of nights camping in one campsite, one specific area, or in the wilderness as a whole, so that the wilderness experience can be available to others.

Entering the bob marshall wilderness
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