Exploring the causes of the french revolution

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French Revolution

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Causes of the French Revolution

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The causes of the French Revolution can be attributed to several intertwining factors: Cultural: The Enlightenment philosophy desacralized the authority of the monarchy and the Catholic Church, and promoted a new society based on reason instead of traditions.

Causes of French Revolution: Political, Social and Economic Causes

French Revolution, also called Revolution ofthe revolutionary movement that shook France between and and reached its first climax there in Hence the conventional term “Revolution of ,” denoting the end of the ancien régime in France and serving also to distinguish that event from the later French revolutions of and France - The causes of the French Revolution: In an immediate sense, what brought down the ancien régime was its own inability to change or, more simply, to pay its way.

The deeper causes for its collapse are more difficult to establish. One school of interpretation maintains that French society under the ancien régime was rent by class.

French Revolution - Aristocratic revolt, – The Revolution took shape in France when the controller general of finances, Charles-Alexandre de Calonne, arranged the summoning of an assembly of “notables” (prelates, great noblemen, and a few representatives of the bourgeoisie) in February to propose reforms designed to eliminate the budget deficit by increasing the taxation of the privileged.

Exploring the Factors Leading to the French Revolution The French Revolution began due to many different reasons. The French Revolution of had many long-range causes.

Political, social, and economic conditions in France contributed to the discontent felt by many French people-especially those of the third estate.

Exploring the causes of the french revolution
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Causes of French Revolution-A Rejection of Absolutism by Mark White on Prezi