Leadership within the group

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Sophisticated Global Investment Strategies for Institutional Investors and Private Clients

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In-groups and Out-groups

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Leadership Foundation

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Five Most Important Leadership Traits

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Above and Beyond

The World Bank Group has two ambitious goals: ending extreme poverty and boosting shared prosperity. Learn more about World Bank data, research, news, and leadership. Leadership is an art. Work as a group, never use your rank to get a job done. Be another one of the guys.

They know who to come to if help is needed. Discover CCL's global leadership development research and solutions for you, your team, your business and the world. We are Kate, Jeremy, Gordon and Carson, four individuals with local and global leadership experience, that have come together to bring Core Leadership to our existing and future clients.

This is because the leader-member exchange theory “conceptualizes leadership as a process that is centered on the interactions between leaders and followers.” (Northouse,p. 8) These interactions between the leaders and followers lead to relationships within the group that can be defined as either a part of an in-group or out-group.

Leadership within the group
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In-groups and Out-groups