The historical development of admiralty jurisdiction

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Admiralty court

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Admiralty law

Today Admiralty jurisdiction is exercised by the United Kingdom's High Court of Justice. The Development of Admiralty Jurisdiction and. Admiralty law is characterized by inclusion of international law but is distinct from ‘Law of the Sea’, which is a body of public international law dealing with navigational rights, mineral rights, jurisdiction over coastal waters and laws governing international relations.

There is an admiralty jurisdiction in "prize"—a jurisdiction to condemn and sell, as lawful prize of war, enemy vessels and cargo. This jurisdiction was employed to effect a few condemnations after world war ii, but it has on the whole been very little used in this century.

High Court of Admiralty, in England, formerly the court presided over by the deputy of the admiral of the fleet. The Black Book of the Admiralty says it was founded in the reign of Edward I, but it actually appears to have been established by Edward III about Historical background of admiralty jurisdiction in Namibia and the applicable law Maritime law begins with the presence of the European at the Cape of Good Hope in The Dutch settled at the Cape of Good Hope and with the Dutch came the application of Roman-Dutch law.

The historical development of admiralty jurisdiction and procedure is of practical as well as theoretical interest, since opinions in admiralty cases frequently refer to the historical background in reaching conclusions on the questions at issue.

The historical development of admiralty jurisdiction
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