The lateral asymmetry in intensity of emotional expression

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Lateral asymmetry in intensity of emotional expression

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Hemifacial Asymmetry in Emotion Expressions

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Lateral asymmetry in intensity of emotional expression

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Lateral asymmetry of bodily emotion expression

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In normal adults, emotional expressions tend to be more intense on the left side of the face, while in preschool-age children, no significant bias in facial asymmetry has been found. We examined facial asymmetries during smiling and distress in 59 infants studied longitudinally at. Hemispheric Asymmetry in the Expression of Positive and Negative Emotions Neurologic Evidence.

Sackeim HA, Gur RC: Lateral asymmetry in intensity of emotional expression. Neuropsychologia Hungerbuhler JP, Geschwind N. Hemispheric Asymmetry in the Expression of Positive and Negative Emotions Neurologic Evidence. Arch Neurol. Abstract. This review focuses on facial asymmetries during emotional expression.

Facial asymmetry is defined as the expression intensity or muscular involvement on one side of the face (“hemiface”) relative to the other side and has been used as a behavioral index of hemispheric specialization for facial emotional expression.

() Lateral asymmetry in intensity of emotional expression. Neuropsychologia However, the overall effect of greater left hemiface intensity of emotional expression was moderated by a significant three-way interaction of hemiface by condition and emotion.

This interaction was attributable to the sole exception to this rule, evoked. Apr 07,  · Detecting hemifacial asymmetries in emotional expression with three-dimensional computerized image analysis.

Michael E. R. Nicholls, Lateral asymmetry in intensity of emotional expression. Neuropsychologia. ; 16 (4)– Sackeim HA, Gur RC, Saucy MC. Emotions are expressed more intensely on the left side of the face. Lateral asymmetry and expression of cognition and emotion. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception and Performance, 7: – [Google Scholar]), and concluded that the left side of face was more intense and expressive for both spontaneous and posed emotion.

The lateral asymmetry in intensity of emotional expression
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