The presentation of a jewish poor handyman in bernard malamuds novel the fixer

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Philosophy, freedom, and Malamud’s Fixer

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Bernard Malamud was an internationally acclaimed author of Jewish-American literature, a genre renowned for its tragicomic elements. His novels and short stories, which often depict a Jewish and urban setting, contemplate the individual s struggle for survival in the harsh, modern world.

His novel The Fixer (; Pulitzer Prize), set in czarist Russia, reveals the courage of a handyman falsely accused by the government of ritual murder. The Tenants () describes the confrontation of two writers—one Jewish, one African American—and probes the nature of the art of writing.

Yakov Bok – a Jewish handyman (a “fixer”) – is charged with the blood libel murder of a Christian teenager. The novel is a fictionalized version of the memoir of Menahem Mendel Beilis. After two years in prison, Beilis was acquitted in of all blood libel charges.

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His first novel, The Natural (; filmed ), is a fable about a baseball hero who is gifted with miraculous Assistant () is about a young Gentile hoodlum and an old Jewish grocer. The Fixer () takes place in tsarist Russia. The story of a Jewish handyman unjustly imprisoned for the murder of a Christian boy, it won Malamud a Pulitzer Prize.

Bernard Malamud’s novel The Fixer is a stunning meditation on persecution, fear, imprisonment, and guilt. It won Malamud both the Pulitzer Prize and his second National Book Award.

It won Malamud both the Pulitzer Prize and his second National Book Award.

The presentation of a jewish poor handyman in bernard malamuds novel the fixer
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